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Mossbourne Academy : the model for us all ?

Disappointed Idealist

Ah, Mossbourne. It’s time to talk about Mossbourne. After all, everyone else does. It is, without question, politicians’ favourite school for posing with children to underline both their fundamental humanity, and also their commitment to “rigour”, “standards”, “Wilshaw” and all the rest of the meaningless clichés which have come to replace any mature, evidence-based policy-making in education.

I have a connection with Mossbourne: early in my DFE career, I was a junior civil servant tasked with steering the forced closure of Hackney Downs School through judicial review. I don’t recall much (it was all a very long time ago), although I do recall that I was surreptitiously reading Bill Bryson’s “Neither Here Nor There” in court, and actually laughed out loud at one point, which I hastily disguised as a cough to avoid the disapproval of the collected legal types. I can’t tell you much about what Hackney Downs School was…

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